DINNER AND SHOW: November 28, 29, 30 & December 1, 5, 6, 7, 8

SHOW ONLY: November 27 & December 4

MATINEE: December 2 


A classic and mooooooving tale of boy meet girl….boy loves girl..…farmyard style!

Have you ever looked at the gentle eyes of a beautiful cow and wondered….what are they thinking? Of course, you have!

Well, now you can know for sure as this hilarious musical comedy deals with life from the perspective of …..the humble farmyard cow.

Should a heifer devote herself to just one bull? Never! But that doesn’t stop Bub falling for the first bull she ever meets. Love is a dangerous game when you’re a Jersey Girl, if you’re not in calf with the rest of the herd it can only mean a one-way trip… on the works truck!

Follow Bub and the rest of the herd on Mr and Mrs Farmers block. It’s been a whole year since Bub, Sooky and the rest of the heifers last saw the herd, leaving the farm as young calves. Upon re-joining the herd, ruled by the cunning matriarch, Grandma, they have to quickly come to grips with behaving like a good cow! Easier said than done when there are a couple of bulls vying for their attention, and it looks as though Mrs Farmer might be sent away herself if she’s not pregnant!

Can Bub and the rest of the herd get Mrs Farmer in calf while saving themselves from Mr Farmer and the cull?



Alice of Wonderland & Dorothy of Oz meet up in a strange land of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Will they find their way home and a happy ever after or will the Wicked Witch get them first…

A fast paced Musical with many well-known male and female characters, including some delightful cameos for adults.


WHY?    Getting ready for `Alice & Dorothy’ AUDITIONS

WHERE?  At the Theatre – 6 Kea Street

WHEN?  Monday 10th December 4pm – 6pm

Who?    Anyone aged 8 to beyond…

Come for all or any part of this fun afternoon. We will be playing theatre games, singing songs and getting tips for upcoming auditions.

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